About us

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So nice of you to stop by. Nomadic thinking is our travel journal, a place where to share personal tales and experiment with story-telling. As you might have guessed, we are nomads. So in this virtual home, we (re)collect our experiences throughout the world and then (re)discover them through several forms of storytelling.

Here you will find our emotions, opinions, and memories in the shape of written stories, videos, photographies, sketches… And let’s see what else we come up with.

Please do get cozy and feel free to stay as long as you like.


A bit about each of us

photo 2PAULA is a Brazilian anthropologist and journalist in love with creative living and afternoon tea.

I have contemplated the idea of sharing my written stories with the world since a very young age, although I had never seen it as a career option until recently. Friends and family have suggested I could start an eventual book with a tale about my first ever adventure alone  -they were referring to the time when I was 2 and got lost around the condominium wearing nothing but a sand bucket on my head. Twenty-something years later, I am an anthropologist and journalist living in Italy with quite a few more adventures to share. On the past 4 years alone, Michele and I have lived in 6 countries and have finally started to act on the task of registering the consequential stories here, on our virtual journal. Being a passionate traveler and storyteller, I am taking my first steps into the world of travel writing and having fun with it. So, here I am, in the hopes of developing my story-telling skills while pursuing what makes me happy and sharing bits of what I’ve seen of the world so far.

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UntitledxMICHELE is an Italian anthropologist and economist, a painter and an explorer of exotic foods…’

This is Paula describing me, and she is certainly right! Especially the part that involves eating different foods. Ethiopian and Mexican foods are my favorite because of the spicy touch, although I’ve never actually been to these places (yet). I paint with oil pastels, acrylic, water colors and now I’m experimenting with digital painting (the ladybug is my little thing!). My aim in this blog is to keep updated family, friends and myself of the adventures that I’m living during my daily travels. Writing also allows me to revisit the things I’ve lived under different lights. After many years of writing structured essays for my professors, I here wish to burst my thoughts open to different descriptive styles.

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Our Story

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Where did this Italian and Brazilian meet, you ask? In Canada. We were both completing our undergraduate studies in Anthropology at UBC, in Vancouver, when our eyes met inside a classroom. One day, we went for a beer at the University’s dark and stinky pub, and we have been together from that day on. We fell in love extremely fast and moved in together soon after. Being together sparked our creativity like never before and our house was always covered in paintings, books, and sketches of stories and ideas. One day, we started this blog as a place where to practice writing and start recording our adventures and share them with our families, both living far away. We saw this as an online journal where to store bits of life that we treasure, not only ‘so we don’t forget’ about them one day but also so we can revisit them through the mindset we had at the time we registered those stories. Now, we have been together for over 4 years, during which we have lived in Canada, Brazil, Peru, Italy, England, and Nepal. In the transitoriness of life, this blog has been a place where to ground, recollect, organize, analyze, and enjoy our lived adventures all over again. Always from a different state of being in the world, and now from the comfort of our chairs and with a cup of tea on hand.

‘Nomadic Thinking’

At the time we started this blog, we were both anthropologist students and had no clue about the world of blogging. We came up with a title that reflected what we felt at that moment: we embraced the transitory nature of life, we were navigating the world not knowing exactly where we wanted to go, simply enjoying the ride. Traveling, moving, being Nomadic. We wanted to reflect these qualities of ‘detachment’ while also referring to the conscious process of being in the moment, fully experiencing and immersing ourselves at a place and being open to the cultural contexts and states of spirit we found ourselves in. Reflecting, analyzing, embracing, Thinking. Nowadays, ‘nomadic thinking’ still reflects our never-ending moving abroad and changing perceptions about the world and our lives.

Where Are We Now


We are currently living in the region of Puglia, Italy.

Previously: Rome, Italy.

And before that: Kathmandu, Nepal.


Welcome to our memories, and feel free to get in touch with us!:)

6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello Michele and Paula-
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and giving a “follow.” I hope you will enjoy my ramblings about Nature. You are also invited to stop back on Fridays to participate in a WordPress Blog event I’m currently in the process of creating- “UNLESS… Earth-friendly Friday.” I recently posted a preview.


    Let me know what you think :)


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