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1 Day in 1 Minute

Dear friends,

here is an experimental video portraying, in just one minute, little snap chats of a  whole Friday in my life in Nepal. Hope you enjoy it!

(Queridos amigos,

aqui vai um video experimental que mostra, em só um minuto, pequenas cenas de uma sexta-feira inteira na minha vida no Nepal. Espero que gostem!)

7 thoughts on “1 Day in 1 Minute

    • Hi Lexi! Thank you! I will definitely check you on youtube as well! I’ve just recently started experimenting with publishing ‘vlogs’, it is so much fun. I am in Nepal only for another couple of weeks, will have been here for a total of 5 months by then and working as a freelancer and volunteer. I am originally from Brazil. How about you? Nice to *virtually* meet you!

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      • Wow! You’re like sounds so exciting haha. Are you taking your dog with you? Animal lover over here hehe. I’m a graduate of English Language and heading into a Masters in September to study Digital Marketing. Life is good and I can’t wait to go on my own journey after I’ve got all the qualifications I need! I hope you enjoy my vlogs Paula – let me know what you think xxx


      • hehe We actually adopted Tika here in Nepal… Still planning our next steps and destinations and figuring out how to start taking him with us around the world from now on. There is a lot of bureaucracy involved in having an international pet =/ Nice to hear you are going for a Masters programme! I completed mine last Summer in London and loved it! (Anthropology of Media at SOAS). You are a natural on camera! Very nice and casual, well done! Following your journey on Youtube from now on =) xxx


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