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Video Diary: Namo Buddha

Although we have been appreciating the art of travel journaling more than ever lately, still we get caught up in the moment and often forget to film/photograph our journeys. But during our weekend getaway to Namo Buddha, back in February, there were a few moments when we had the camera hanging from our necks and remembered to press ‘record’ to capture some of the peaceful beauty surrounding us.


In these two short video diaries, we invite you to get a feeling of some of the moments we lived at Namo Buddha, including driving through sand roads high up in the mountains, visiting a huge Tibetan Buddhist Monastery filled with adorable children monks, walking on forests of tall pine trees and hanging prayer flags, visiting the old Stupa of Namo Buddha (where it is said, the Buddha of compassion reached enlightenment after offering pieces of flesh from his own body to a family of starving tigers!), waking up to the still and soothing air of the mountains and having delicious coffee at the Namo Buddha Resort, and then driving back on the narrow shaky road after a weekend of peace, fresh air, good food and beautiful sights. Hope you enjoy them!


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