Video Diary: Road Trip from Rome to the UK

In September 2014, we moved from Rome to London to start what would be a year of intense studying for our Masters programmes – really, intense studying! Hence the 5 months delay in posting about this road trip.
Here you can see glimpses of the beautiful places we passed by: Rome, Cinque Terre, Genova (Italy), Côte D’azur, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, Lyon, Auxerre, Avallon, Paris (France), and finally the crossing over to the UK through the Calais-Dover ferry terminal. We finish the video arriving in Ramsgate, where we spent our first night in the UK and had an incredible sea food meal – unfortunately (or not?) it was too delicious for us to remember to film it!.
Since this adventure, we have moved into our tiny cozy London home and retired the camera to focus on the books. However, this past Christmas break we had a shorter road trip driving back to Rome, this time passing by Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and northern Italy. Hopefully it won’t take another 5 months to upload that! (added edited note a year later: we were clearly bad at filming, blogging and studying simultaneously.) Thank you for visiting our adventures!

4 thoughts on “Video Diary: Road Trip from Rome to the UK

    • Thank you for stopping by and leaving this kind comment! Just read your blog post on snow and it is absolutely beautiful. I especially love the part where you say “I can now see what my dog smells”. lovely!


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