Brazil / Photography

The Colors of the Cup in the Country of Football!

How was the Opening of the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro?

Here are some pictures that answer for the enthusiasm that Paula and I encountered in the beach of Copacabana, Rio. Both individuals and institutional Media (especially outside of Brazil) have been rightfully concerned with the problems of violence and corruption surrounding the World Cup.. But many Brazilians, conscious of the insurmountable problems of holding the Cup in a country with deep inequality, racism and poverty, are resigning to the allure of the Cup and to the genuine passion they have for their “seleção”.

Here are some pictures that show this side of the story from this part of the world:

DSC_0013-001A beleza das cores do Brazil! The beauty of the Brazilian colors!

DSC_0102-001Enamorados e coloridos!


DSC_0030-001The Gold Wave! The Contagious disease of the world cup.


DSC_0117-001  DSC_0124-001Energies and flows of colors.

DSC_0125-001The ‘security’ reminding us that we have to enjoy the world cup.

DSC_0073-001Neon effect of the electric masses.

DSC_0129-001The Moon blessing the start of the cup!

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