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Farewell, Musqueam territory

After having a good brunch – a kind of meal I came to strongly appreciate in Vancouver-, a short bus ride away, we found ourselves at one of the nice hiking tracks close to UBC. Within a few meters of walking from the road into the woods, it already felt like a different atmosphere. For a few hours we were following our own footsteps into a world of silence, incredibly tall trees, lots of diversity of mushrooms, and a cold but refreshing air. A mix of nostalgia and appreciation took over as we slowly started saying goodbye to this beautiful nature.







We wondered about the Musqueam people, who used to live in these lands not that many years ago, and how they probably related to it. We listened to the plants and learned from their colours, hoping whole heartedly that some of that precious connection would still be granted to us after spending so much more time within the concrete jungle than in this beautiful environment.




We walked for a whole day, feeling our muscles and listening to our breath, stopping very often to be amazed at peculiarities in the plants, their patterns and textures.



trees that grow on top of trees


Out the tracks and into the beach, we climbed down the long stairs to wreck beach and explored the sand filled with colourful stones. On one side, the deep blue pacific ocean and the snowy mountains, on the other a huge cliff slowly eroding.





Walking home in the silent but safe darkness of the beach, our out-of-shape legs starting to complain, we left behind the beautiful landscape and brought with us many memories from this place. Here our projects of travelling together started, we were inspired to invest on our adventures and creative capacities. We feel rejuvenated and ready to continue journeying down different avenues, observing different colours, smelling different flowers and participating in different sun rituals.

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