A whole new kind of color

Rumor has it that the most detached from our structured daily routines we get, the most likely we will have experiences that strike our minds and hearts as worth telling –or, in this case, worth writing.
Just like most things we do together, this is an experiment meant to enhance our creative selves, share stories and, most importantly, be fun and filled with things we love. Needless to say, there is no specificorder when it comes to creation, or the process of story telling, let alone fun. Ironically, ‘order’ is so expected in everything we do, see or write that we actually need to get it out of the picture by putting it IN the picture and thus making it clear from the start that, well… there probably will be none of it here. There can be no order in telling our stories because they are still happening. Characters from the past come to visit us in the present and will probably be present in the future. We don’t know how much an adventure has affected us until it is time to use the lessons from that experience in a new one. And just like that, living and learning and travelling and writing, our stories visit us without order or invitation, and will eventually end up meeting here in these pages.

Reflecting on our lives and the ways –metaphorical and literal ones- we took in order to be where we are today, the two of us realized that, first of all, we are damn lucky and have lived a lot. The feeling of gratitude for those experiences gets to the point where we do not want to let them go, but yet we have tasted from the sweet honey of the ‘new road with a backpack’ and are eager for more. Which brings us here:  we want to immortalize some of our stories in order to share, inspire, and open way for new ones to come. By dropping down words that are results of the experiences themselves, we are both keeping adventures alive and using them as fuel to start new “chapters” –and apparently also new blogs.
What is it that drives us to live unexpected situations, with people we don’t yet know, food we haven’t yet tasted, and languages we can’t yet decipher? Is it really just a natural curiosity most of us share for the ‘different’? And what happens to it when it becomes the ‘familiar’?
Having spent most of my life travelling, I now reflect on what pieces and puzzles from each adventures stayed with me, and which parts of me stayed along the way. Sometimes when I travel I feel like I am living someone else’s life with an expiry date. I love the feeling of trying to become a character that belongs to the local landscape and moves to its rhythm. It is like a unique chance to experiment with my feelings, to live a life I wasn’t born in but have now the chance to get a sample taste.
Do you ever feel frustrated after an amazing journey, when you arrive home and are eager to share your memories with the ones around you, but trying to explain the feeling of climbing that volcano in Ecuador, or hearing those bells in Bhutan, or meeting those people in the Amazon, is as useless as trying to explain what the color yellow looks like to someone who has never seen it? Well, let the challenge begin, because by trying to explain, tell stories and share emotions, we might be on a journey to create new ones, through our own eyes, with our own hands.
By trying to explain “what the color yellow looks like”, one is explaining a color based on his own references of other colors he has seen before, while the listener understands the message based on his own references, possibly a completely different scheme of colors. Could the result of this linguistic and imaginative abysm turn out to become a whole new kind of color not yet invented or named and only seen by those who ‘misunderstood yellow’? With this in mind, there is no loosing and no mistake, only living and embracing the new. And, who knows, it might just as well turn out that this new color will come to our eyes in the shape of a travel-adventure-anthropological-self-experienced kind of journal. 
Inspiration. Picture taken in Toscany, Italy, September 2013.

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